• Participants must register at first point during opening hours. It is not possible to register at other points.
  • For registration you need to show your driving license or ID.
  • The entry fee is 25 EUR
  • After registration, participant will draw the first card.
  • All cards will be marked after draws by the organizers.
  • You have to make it to the other points before the closing times. All late-comers will fall out of the game.
  • The fifth card will be drawn at the fifth point. After that you have the option to change your hand by replacing one card maximum. Following showdown determines the winner – best hand wins. In case of equal hands, additional cards will be drawn and higher card wins.
  • The award ceremony will take place at 20:30


NB! All participants must follow traffic regulations. All the points are open long enough to enable you to ride at a reasonable pace. Enjoy the ride – no one is timing.