Poker Run 15.05.2021  schedule

First point open 12.00-15.00 Registration, drawing of the first card, start..
Location: Põltsamaa Castle  GPS N58.39.14 E25.57.58

Second point open 13.00-16.00, drawing of the second card.
Location: Lõhavere hill fort, Viljandi county

Third point open 14.00-17.00, drawing of the third card.
Location: Lion of Anrep, Kärstna,  Viljandi county

Fourth point open 15.00-18.00, drawing of the fourth card.
Location: EcoOil, Saverna, Põlva county

Fifth point open 16.00-19.00, drawing of the fifth card. Showdown – the best hand wins.
Location: HAMC Tartu Clubhouse, Tartu mnt 48, Ülenurme. 

20.00 Award ceremony

Organizers reserve the right to make changes to the schedule.