Poker Run 18.05.2019  schedule

First point open 12.00-15.00 Registration, drawing of the first card, start..
Location: Olerex gas station, Viljandi, GPS N58.37211 E25.563213

Second point open 13.00-16.00, drawing of the second card.
Location: Baltic chain memorial, Lilli-Ungurini border crossing point

Third point open 14.00-17.00, drawing of the third card.
Location: Kalme watermill trout fishing

Fourth point open 15.00-18.00, drawing of the fourth card.
Location: CF Moto – Motohobi, Kassisilma 6, Räni alevik, Tartumaa

Fifth point open 16.00-19.00, drawing of the fifth card. Showdown – the best hand wins.
Location: HAMC Tartu Clubhouse, Tartu mnt 48, Ülenurme. 

Food and drinks at reasonable prices.

20.00 Award ceremony

Afterparty, band on stage

Organizers reserve the right to make changes to the schedule.



Book accommodation yourself. Use keyworld Poker Run.

REHE HOTELL 2km from party place

There will be a free “SHUTTLE” bus between hotel and the party place.